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Commission of Water Environmental Informatics

Kyung S. Jun, Sungkyunkwan University, Korea
Samir Khanal, University of Hawaii at Manoa, USA
Shuguang Wang, Shandong University, China (Chair)

The International Society for Environmental Information Sciences (ISEIS) is a non-profit and free-membership organization of individuals, institutions and corporations. The society is dedicated to the development of information systems technology for environmental applications. It promotes the international exchange of knowledge in the field of environmental information systems research. The Water Environmental Informatics (WEI) is a highly active research area in which computational techniques are applied to a variety of complex problems within various domains including water environment monitoring, water quality optimization and simulation, surface water and groundwater distribution, hydrological processes, and the production of decision support tools for the water industry, etc.

The WEI is devoted to promoting the most extensive and interdisciplinary exchange of ideas, technologies, scientific findings, and general knowledge in the area of water environmental informatics in physical, biogeochemical, ecological, and human/urban systems. Specifically, (1) Developing models on flow paths and interactions of water through the physical environment of the earth, including the atmosphere, oceans, coasts, estuaries, rivers, lakes, soils, aquifers, etc. (2) Establishing transport and transformation models on chemical constituents in water environment through hydrologic cycles, using methodologies such as geographical information systems, remote sensing, spatial analysis, and environmental system analysis. (3) Exploring life cycles of organisms that are dependent on their habitats and elucidating impacts of hydrological variation and regimes on the viability of the terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems. (4) Investigating the impacts of climate change on water environment, the risk estimation of water quality, the modelling of water quality under uncertainty, etc.

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