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Commission of Geo-environmental Informatics

Xi Chen, Chinese Academy of Science, China (Chair)
Philippe de Maeyer, Ghent University, Belgium
Josef Strobl, University of Salzburg, Austria
Qiming Zhou, Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong

The International Society for Environmental Information Sciences (ISEIS) is a non-profit and free-membership organization of individuals, institutions, and corporations. The society is dedicated to the development of information systems technology for environmental applications. GeoEnvironmental Informatics (GEI) is one of the technical commissions of the ISEIS. GEI focuses on improving our capacity to capture, store, and analyze geoenvironmental information for better understanding of the dynamics and the interactions of coupled processes -- physical, biological, geochemical, and anthropogenic -- that shape the earth surface and its interactions at various scales. The commission also aims to promote the international exchange of knowledge in the fields of Geoenvironmental information system research.

GEI is devoted to promote the most extensive and interdisciplinary exchange of ideas, technologies, scientific findings, and general knowledge in the area of geoenvironmental informatics. It missions are: (1) Discovering new methodology and technology for the acquisition of geoenvironmental information, including technologies of remote sensing, in situ and mobile observations, and 3D/4D terrain modeling. (2) Investigating the interactions of physical, biological, geochemical, and anthropogenic processes of earth surface. (3) Improving the understanding of water and energy cycles in arid lands as well as other ecoregions, with special focus on land-cover and land-use change and distributed model development on ecosystem and environment. (4) Advancing geospatial analysis and geovisualization methods. (5) Developing education and training programs on geoenvironmental informatics.

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