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5th International Conference on Environmental Informatics
August 1-3, 2006, Bowling Green, Kentucky, USA
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Accepted Conference Papers

Track: Sustainability and Higher Education

#65 Teaching Sustainability by Teaching Sustainably: An Experiential Approach to Participatory Decision Making in the Undergraduate College Curriculum
Alice Jones
#88 Strong vs. Weak Sustainability: The Struggle for a Sustainable Campus
James Dontje
#113 Educating Engineers as We Enter the 21st Century
Gashwin Saleno
#114 Sustainable Engineering, a Case Study
Gashwin Saleno
#123 Integrating the Stewardship of Public Lands into the Undergraduate Curriculum: The Reintroduction of Wolves to Yellowstone National Park
Philip Lienesch
#125 Integrating Sustainability in Apparel and Textiles Higher Education
Jin Su
#129 The Bregenz Environmental Program: Lessons Learned About Sustainability
Terry Wilson and Joseph Baust
#133 Common Principles of Sustainability: Examples from Kentucky
Terry Wilson and Nancy Givens
#136 Infusing Sustainable Development Concepts Into the Undergraduate Curriculum
Nancy Givens and Kenneth Kuehn

Track: Environmental and Energy Systems Planning

#138 Water Resources Planning under Uncertainty in the Greater Vancouver Regional District: A Two-stage Two-level Decentralized Programming Approach
Hengliang Li, Guo Huang, Bin Luo, and Yun Zou

Track: Decision and Risk Analysis for Environmental Management

#8 Study On Critical Point Threshold of Pollutant Emission Based On Modified Grey Clustering Model
Wei-guo XU, Qing-yu Zhang, Hui Guo, and Yu-mei Wei
#42 Exploring the Variability in Pollutant Concentrations Using BASINS-HSPF and Probabilistic Modeling: Implications for Land Use Planning
Diana Mitsova-Boneva and Xinhao Wang
#66 Modeling of Chlorobenzene Leaching From a Landfill into a Soil Environment Using Particle Filter Approach
Shoou-Yuh Chang and Xiaopeng Li
#67 Prediction of Leachate Flow Rate in a Landfill Site
Shoou-Yuh Chang and Yi Wang
#68 Uncertainty Analysis In Environmental Modeling
Shoou-Yuh Chang and Farouk Mollah Banna
#83 Shortages of Traditional Refuse Disposal Site Selection
LIU Si-qing
#84 Application of System Analysis of Energy and Environment in Air Environmental Planning
Li Wei and Zhang Zhen
#97 The Method Research of SO2 Pollution Total Volume Control Programming
Liu Hongxia
#110 Conflicting Maximum Contaminant Levels and Water Quality Standards: Data Impairments to Protecting Public Health with Watershed Management
Mary Love Tagert and Jeffery A. Ballweber
#118 Resources-Oriented Principle and Sustainability: Theory and Application in China
Luo-Ping Zhang, Wei-Qi Chen, Qin-Hua Fang, Pei-Er Wang, Hua-Sheng Hong, and Frances Bristow
#128 Fuzzy Systems and Environmental Risk Analysis: Current and Future Direction
Yingbing Yu
#134 Environmental Risk Assessment for Groundwater Contamination through Integrated Fuzzy Techniques
G. H. Huang and X. S. Qin
#139 PSHA: A Coupled Pesticide-Loss Simulation and Health-Risk Assessment System
Bing Chen, Baiyu Zhang, and Gordon Huang

Track: Environmental Data and Information Management

#23 Study on Water Quality Changes and Pollution Control of Feng Valley in Xi’an
GAO Rong
#73 Temporal and Distribution of Groundwater Table in Yichang Irrigation Region, Inner Mongolia, China
Yue Yong
#81 The Rise of Corporate Sustainability Reporting and Its Impact on
Patricia A. Hoyte and James Johnson

Track: Marine Environmental Monitoring

#124 Understanding of Human Inducement of Coastal Erosion and Shoreline Stability
Huai Yan Lei, Serif Basoglu, Zhan Rong Guo, and Jian Hui Liu
#131 Pollution of the Caspian Sea Marine Environment Along the Iranian Coast
Abdolhossein Arizanganeh, V. Chris Lakhan, and Sajid Ahmad

Track: Green Ecology and Sustainable Urban and Rural Development

#117 Experimenting the Concept of Sustainable Development: The Case of the Ibadan Sustainable Project in Nigeria
Maxwell Chiazor and Feliz Omole
#119 Effects of Urbanization on Coastal Degradation and the concept of "Sustainability" - A Case Study: Xiamen East Littoral Cell, China
Serif Basoglu, Huai Yan Lei, and Zhan Rong Guo

Track: Monitoring and Analytical Techniques of Environmental Quality

#96 Study on Several Interference Factors of Mensuration of CODcr
Liu Hongxia
#130 Development of a Specific Quantitative Real-Time PCR Assay to Monitor Phytoplankton DNA in Mammoth Cave National Park
Rick Fowler and Christal Wade
#140 An Inexact Energy Systems Model for Energy Planning and Greenhouse Gases Mitigation under Uncertainty in a Community-Scale Level
Qianguo Lin and G. Huang

Track: Ecological Modeling and Assessment

#3 The Structure and Host Plant Selection of an Acridid Community on the Edge between a Desert- and an Agro-Ecosystem in Egypt
M. El-Shazly and W. El-Sayed Shahpa
#7 Study on Ecological Environmental Sensitivity in the Middle of Guizhou Province
Hi Qiuhua
#9 Study of Exchangeable Nitrogen and Their Bioavailability in the Sediments
Airong Zheng, Haiwei Shen, and Ding Chen
#26 Development and Application of an Artificial Neural Network Model to Forecast Ground-water Flooding Events
Brent Huntsman and Daniel Wagel
#27 Biological Control of Insect Pests in Egypt: History and Current Status
Imam El-Sebaey
#31 Noise Reduction Performance of Arc Highway Pavement in Rural Areas
Liming Dai, James Lou, and Huayseen Lee
#38 Numerical Modeling of Flow, Sediment Transport and Heavy Metal Pollutant Transport-Transformation in the Xiangjiang River
S. Huang
#39 Generation of Triangular Meshes and Its Application in the Yellow River
Sui Huang and Chun Song Tian
#64 Title: Modeling Urban Expansion in Beijing Using Cellular Automata and System Dynamic Models
Chunyang He, Norio Okada, Qiaofeng Zhang, and Peijun Shi
#70 Ecophysiological Dynamics of Reserves and Its Relationship with Chlorophyll and Biomass Production in Some Garden Conifers
Geetika Sirhindi
#76 Application of the Streeter-and-Phelps Equation to the Aquatic Environment Management - A Case Study Based on Water Quality Monitoring Data of Keelung River, Taiwan
Chihhao Fan and Wei-Shen Wang
#80 Study of Ecocity Construction Plan in Tianjin
Wu Jing
#86 Stability Prediction of the Xanthate-stabilized Zn(OH)2 and Cu(OH)2 Sludge in Simulated Landfill Environment
Yi-Kuo Chang, Juu-En Chang, Ming-Sheng Ko, and Yan-Hsuen Chen
#89 Nonlinear Dynamics Detection in Ecological Systems
James Dontje
#111 Impact of Pesticidal Applications on the Abundance of Saissetia oleae (Olivier) (Homoptera: coccidae) and Its Natural Enemy, Metaphycus lounsburyi (Howard) (Hymenoptera : encyrtidae), in an Orchard Agro-ecosystem
Mohamed M. El-Shazly, Aziza O. Hassan, Salah M. El-Imeray, and Nadia A. Ali
#127 Study on the Inverse Method to Permeability Coefficient of Groundwater System in Uranium Gangue Site: A Case Study of Uranium Gangue Site in Southern China
Shuibo Xie, Yi Hu, Ming Jiang, and Qi Liu

Track: Environmental Education

#87 Progress and Prospects for Environmental Education in Iran: A Loglinear Modelling Analysis
Abdolhossein Parizanganeh, V. Chris Lakhan, Hamid Jalalian, and Sajid R. Ahmad

Track: Information Systems in Environmental Studies

#28 An Integrated and Evolutionary Dynamical Systems View of Climatic Changes
Walter Ritter, William Grant, Juan Suarez, Carlos Gay, and Ernesto Jauregui
#120 A Survey of Security Threats and Enhancements in SCADA Systems
Yingbing Yu and Art Shindhelm
#126 Simulating Impact of Atmospheric Brown Cloud on Rice Grain Yield Using CERES-Rice Model
Dillip Kumar Swain

Track: Environmental Decision Support Systems

#13 Site Assessments for Restoring Riparian Buffer Strips in Agricultural Watersheds
Wenbao Liu, DongMei Chen, and Wanhong Yang
#14 Development of a Process-Based Indicator of Land Use Management for Urbanizing Headwatersheds
G. Bennett, C. Nietch, X. Wang, and L. Rossman
#19 Linking Geoinformatics and Policy for Proactive Decision-making and Environmental
John All
#20 Information Platform for Environment Dynamic Mechanism Study in Arid & Semi-arid Regions Based on WebGIS
Li Xuxiang, Hu Tafeng, Shen Zhenxing, and Liu Pingping
#21 Improving Conventional Subdivision Design by Incorporating Runoff Impact in Land Development Decisions
Kiran Kumar Avadhanula, Chandrima Pal, Xinhao Wang, James Bonta, Steven Buchberger, and William Shuster
#30 Requirements for Sustainable Management of Urban Water Systems
Li Shuping, Bernard Chocat, Sylvie Barraud, and Liu Siuqing
page 100
#41 Application of Super-paramagnetic Composite Particles Technology for the Reclamation of Heavy Metal from wastewater
Yi-Fu Chen, Chin-Ying Tsai, Chia-Ching Chou, and Fong-Ru Yang
page 102
#43 Biosorption of Chromium from Aqueous Solution
Catherine Hui Niu and Bohumil Volesky
page 103
#44 Flexible Management Strategies for Different Land-use Restrictions in a Watershed
C. Chang, S. Lo, and M. Chen
page 104
#99 Development of Decision Support System for Mandal Level Planning – A Case Study of Andhra Pradesh, India
SS. Asadi, Padmaja Vuppala, and M. Anji Reddy
page 115

Track: Environmental Data Mining and Retrieval

#75 A New Space Interpolation Method Based on Fractal Theory and Digital Filter Technology
Li Jianlin, Yan Tailai, Zhu Dehai, and Chen Yuqi

Track: Environmental Remote Sensing and Spatial Information

#10 Spatial Process and Analysis of the Wetland Dynamic Change in Minjiang River Estuary Using Remote Sensing and GIS
Zhangren Lan, Dongshui Zhang, Zheng Li, and Wei Zhang
#12 Some Issues on Environmental Impact of Three Gorges Project
Dai Huichao and Wang Rushu
#18 Monitoring the Water Quality of Water Resources Reservation Area in Upper Region of Huangpu River Using Remote Sensing
Hongen Zhang, Yanling Qiu, Lingling Song, and Jianfu Zhao
#62 Evaluation of the International Vehicle Emissions (IVE) Model by Remote Sensing Measurements
Hui Guo, Qingyu Zhang, Yao Shi, and Shuying Ding
#92 Linking Riparian Dynamics with Hydrometeorological Factors Using RADARSAT-1 and LANDSAT Satellite Imageries
N.B. Chang and A. Drunpob
#100 Trends of Petrol Vehicle Fleet Emissions in China City by Remote Sensing
Hui Guo, Qingyu Zhang, Weiguo Xu, Yao Shi, and Dahui Wang
#101 Spectral Enhancement and Automated Extraction of Sinkhole Features from Kentucky’s NAIP Imagery
Demetrio P. Zourarakis, James S. Dinger, and James C. Currens
#102 Impact Assessment for Citrus Pest Management
Ni-Bin Chang, Q. Du, and Akshmi Kanth
#103 Kentucky’s On-Line Bi-Temporal Land Cover Change and Image Comparison Tool: The Kentucky Landscape Census Portal (KLC)
Demetrio P. Zourarakis, Andrew Brenner, Brian Noyle, Michael Palmer, Raj Singh, Sam A. Bacharach, and Gary R. Harp
#142 Optimal Functional Forms for Spatial Interpolation of Precipitation Data
Ramesh Teegavarapu, Mohammad Tufail, and Lindell Ormsbee
#145 Mapping of Pollutant Concentrations by Combining Satellite-based and Ground-based Measurements
DongMei Chen and Jie Tian

Track: Spatial Database for Environmental Planning

#61 Time and Spatial Varability of Nitrogen in Soil in Wulate Irrigation Region of Hetao Irrigation Area Inner Mongolia
Li Peng

Track: Environmental Sciences and Artificial Intelligence

#78 Lumping of Atmospheric Organic Chemical Species By Machine Learning
Pruthvi Polam, Margot Mandy, and Charles Brown
#143 An Interval Fuzzy Two-Stage Stochastic Linear Programming Method for Municipal Solid Waste Management under Uncertainty
Y. P. Li and G. H. Huang

Track: Dynamic and Multi-dimensional Environmental Visualization

#22 Image Segmentation for Classification of Land Covers Based on High Spatial Resolution Sensor Imagery
Lin Hui

Track: Integration of Environmental Modeling and GIS

#11 Spatial Distribution of Seasonal Evapotranspiration for Irrigated Sorghum Using Satellite-Based Energy Balance Model: A Case Study from Gezira Scheme, Sudan
M. Bashir, T. Hata, H. Tanakamaru, A. Abdelhadi, and A. Tada
#60 Study on Evaluation Model of Eco-environment Fragile Degree Under GIS
CAI Hai-sheng, Chen Mei-qiu, and Zhu De-hai
#93 The Kentucky Watershed Modeling Information Portal’s User Needs Assessment, Data Matrix and Use Case
Karen L. Schaffer, Kenneth R. Odom, Sam A. Bacharach, Demetrio P. Zourarakis, and Gary R. Harp
#98 Geographic Information System and Analytic Hierarchy Process for Landfill Siting – A Case Study of Hyderabad Urban Area, India
Padmaja Vuppala, SS Asadi, and M. Anji Reddy
#106 Delineating the Contaminated Area Using Spatial Uncertainty Assessment for Soil Cadmium in Paddy Field
Zhou Shi and Jieliang Cheng
#122 GIS-based Hierarchy Process for the Suitability Analysis of Nuclear Waste Disposal Site
Laura Huang and Grant Sheng
#141 Assessing Elevation Data Uncertainty in Non-point Source Pollution Modeling
Simon Wu

Track: GIS Solutions for Disaster Management

#34 Impact of Region-wide Urban Development on Land Use in Strategic Environmental Assessment: A Case Study of Wuhan City, China
Tao Tang, Tan Zhu, and He Xu
#59 Geographical Information System Contributions in Disaster Management
Jason Wolfe

Track: Process Control and Optimization in Environmental Engineering

#4 The Method Research of SO2 Pollution Total Volume Control Programming
Liu Hongxia
#5 Temporal Variation of Sulphide Content, pH, Salinity and Oxidation-reduction Potential of Tidal Flat Mud in the Ariake Sea, Japan
M. A. Moqsud, S. Hayashi, Y. Du, and D. Suetsugu
#15 Optimizing Water Usage in a TFT-LCD Manufacturing Plant
Chih-Wei Hsu, Chien-Yao Tsai, Cheng-Nan Chang, and Allen C. Chao
#16 Nitrogen Removal from Municipal Wastewater via Nitrite at Low Temperature and Sludge Population Optimization through On-Line Process Control
Xiuhong Liu, Shuying Wang, Qing Yang, Chengyao Peng, and Yougzhen Peng
#17 Nitrogen Removal from Mature Municipal Landfill Leachate via Nitritation and Denitritation at Ambient Temperature
Yongzhen Peng, Shujun Zhang, Shuying Wang, Pengcheng Yao, and Shuwen Zheng
#25 Emission Factors Development for the Control of Lead and other Metals during Bridge Paint Removal
Emmanuel Iyiegbuniwe, Lorraine Conroy, and Peter Scheff
#56 Studying of Possible Remedies for Solving Environment Problems of Coal Spoil and Making Them Economical
S. A. Sajadi, M. R. Afshoon, S. J. Hashemian, and A. A. Alamolhoda
#57 Applications of Simulation-Optimization Methods in Environmental Policy Planning Under Uncertainty
Julian Scott Yeomans

Track: Simulation, Optimization, and Control of Waste Treatment and Pollution Reduction Process

#137 Wastewater Treatment Using Sunlight and Titanium Dioxide Nanocrystals
Tingying Zeng, Andrew Ernest, Leslie Van Hoose, and Wenbing Li

Track: Wastewater Treatment Plant Modeling and Simulation

#29 Integration of Continuous Microfiltration and Submerged Aquatic Vegetation System for Wastewater Reuse
Wang Weihong and Ji Min
#63 Experimental Study on the Application of Jet Aeration SBR Technique to Wastewater Treatment in Small-scale Towns
Gao Jifei, Gu Guowei, Sun Peide, Zhao Zilong, Zhang Yalei, Li Yongmei, and Chen Yinguang
#77 Endogenous Denitrification to Enhance Nitrogen Removal from Domestic Wastewater in Pilot Oxidation Ditch
Shouyou Gao, Yongzhen Peng, Shuying Wang, and Hongxun Hou
#79 Nitrification with Nitrite Accumulation from Domestic Wastewater Using Real-time DO and pH Control
Yongzhen Peng, Shouyou Gao, and Shuying Wang
#94 Drought Induced Dissolved Oxygen Dynamics of an Effluent Dominated Stream Entering a Reservoir Backwater and Implications for Environmental Compliance
Ritchie D. Taylor, Kenneth L. Dickson, and Vijay Golla

Track: Computer Security

#121 Anomaly Intrusion Detection Using Sequences of System Calls Based Upon an Artificial Immunity Model
Yingbing Yu and Art Shindhelm

Track: Environmental Economics

#24 External Costs of Electricity Generation in China
Shu-ying Ding, Qing-yu Zhang, Wei-guo Xu, and Hui Guo
#69 Nearshore Environmental Resources Evaluation
Li Jing and Chen Wei-qi
#72 Estimation of Environmental Cost Incurred by Pesticide Application in Coastal Agricultural Region and Management Measures
Weiqi Chen, Luoping Zhang, and Xiaofeng Hou
#107 Green Budget Applications and Its Implications - Case Study on the East Coastal Road, Xiamen, China
Xiong-zhi Xue, Xiu-li Cao, and Serif Basoglu
#109 The Depletion of Marine Environmental Resources Caused by Human Activities and Its Monetary Evaluation
Wang Xuan and Chen Wei-qi

Track: Environmental Data Management

#2 SQL Based - Heterogeneous Distributed Database Cluster
Chaitanya Rao Geddam and Grace Wei
#135 Many Datasets, One Watershed: Analyzing Patterns at Multiple Spatial and Temporal Scales
Ouida Meier, Albert Meier, and Scott Grubbs

Track: Data Collection

#40 A Method and Program for Extracting Data from Images
Jie Niu and Sui Huang
#45 The Three Gorges Project and Eco-Environmental Monitoring System
Dai Huichao Wang Rushu
#55 Investigation of Iran Karstic Water Resources Vulnerability Against Natural and Anthropogenic Pollutants
J. Mobaraki
#112 A Sample Acquisition Concept for Element Detection in Coal-fired Power Plant Emissions via Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy
Walter Collett, Louisa Kirby, Brandon Hesson, and Jason Kondracki

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