2nd Floor, Delta Hotel, Regina, Saskatchewan


August 25, 2004 (Wednesday)

08:00 - 22:00  Registration

09:00             Poster setup starts

13:00             Poster session starts

19:00 - 22:00  Reception (Room: CAMPANIA)


August 26, 2004 (Thursday)

08:00 - 22:00  Registration

08:30 - 09:00  Opening Ceremony (Room: TUSCANY)

09:00 – 10:00  Keynote Speech: Statistical Evaluation Needs in Water Supply Exposure Assessments.

Edward A. McBean, Professor and Canada Research

Chair in Water Supply Security.

10:00 - 10:20  Refreshment Break

10:20 - 12:00      Parallel Sessions A1 and B

Session A1: Policy Analysis and Impact Assessment


Chairs:          Mary-Ellen Tyler, Julian Scott Yeomans

10:20-10:40   Applications of Mobile Computing for Fish Species at Risk Management. James D. Carswell, Michela Bertolotto, Nick Mandrak. 04-015.

10:40-11:00   Empirical Studies on the Environmental Management of Japanese Affiliated Manufacturing Companies in Canada, the United States and Australia: The Differences Between Companies that Have and Have Not Acquired ISO14001 Certification. Jiro Usugami. 04-019.

11:00-11:20   Methods of Assessing Drought Impacts on Grassland NPP through MODIS Vegetation Indices. Xulin Guo, Youfei Zheng, Wei Gao, Pierrot Richard. 04-045.

11:20-11:40   Developing Relevant Technology for Small-scale Farming Population. Jennifer Taylor, Thomas Bellarmine, Dennis Timlin, Vangimalla Reddy. 04-161.

11:40-12:00   Factors Determining Social Decisions for Community Development Schemes. Takayuki Kumazawa. 04-168.

Session B: Environmental Data and Information Management


Chairs:          Anthony Duben, Bram Noble

10:20-10:40  Why Environmental Metadata Description Needs Ontologies. Krzysztof Janowicz, Marion Wilde. 04-017.

10:40-11:00   Data Modeling Standards for Developing Interoperable Municipal Asset Management Systems. Mahmoud R. Halfawy, Dana Vanier, David Hubble. 04-193.

11:00-11:20   Curricula and Courses Bridging Information Systems and Environmental Science. Anthony J. Duben. 04-038.

11:20-11:40   Development of An Object-Oriented Framework for Integrating of Environmental Data. Wan-chi Huang, Shu-liang Liaw, Chung-yi Huang. 04-089.

11:40-12:00   Integration of Municipal Information Systems for Sustainable Management of Infrastructure Assets. Mahmoud R. Halfawy, Dana Vanier, David Hubble. 04-194.


12:00 - 13:20  Luncheon (Room: TUSCANY)


13:20 - 15:20      Parallel Sessions A2 and C

Session A2: Policy Analysis and Impact Assessment


Chairs:          Mary-Ellen Tyler, XuLin Guo

13:20-13:40   Integrated Assessments of Landuse and Biodiversity Interactions from Space: An Example from the Eastern Ontario, Canada. S. Adsavakulchai, A. Chan. 04-077.

13:40-14:00   Assessment of Traffic Noise Impact on Residential Areas of Regina. Ji Cao, Liming Dai. 04-163.

14:00-14:20   The Facilitation of Industrial Ecology, Product Take-Back, and Sustainability through the Forecasting of Television Waste Flows. Jonathan Linton, Julian Scott Yeomans, Reena Yoogalingam. 04-006.

14:20-14:40   Improving Air Quality in Large Cities by Substituting Natural Gas for Coal in China — Economic Barriers and Environmental Policy Analysis. Xiurui Guo, Xianqiang Mao, Shuiyuan Cheng. 04-188.

14:40-15:00   Environmental Conservation vs Compensation: Explorations from the Uttaranchal Himalaya. Sunil Nautiyal, K.S. Rajan, R. Shibasaki. 04-165.

15:00-15:20   Community Action and Traffic Noise Regulations. Daryl Caswell. 04-199.


Session C: Environmental Systems Modeling and Planning


Chairs:          Mikiyasu Nakayama, Shoou-Yuh Chang

13:20-13:40   An Immission Based and Integrated Water Management Approach. Holger Hoppe, Matthias Weilandt, Hermann Orth. 03-086.

13:40-14:00   Towards New Directions in Water Resources Management – Decision Suppport Systems On The Web. Kazimierz A. Salewicz, Mikiyasu Nakayama. 03-044.

14:00-14:20   Modelling System for Management of Surface Water Functional Regions. Xuezhong Yu. 04-146.

14:20-14:40   Using Assimilation to Reduce Spatial Correlated Uncertainties in Subsurface Transport Models. An Jin, Shoou-Yuh Chang. 04-012.

14:40-15:00   Watershed Modeling: Where Are We Heading? David Chen. 04-183.

15:00-15:20   Long-term Planning for the Municipal Solid Waste Management System in Halifax Reginal Municipality under Uncertainty. L. Liu, R. Ghadiri. 04-197.


15:20 - 15:40  Refreshment Break


15:40 - 17:40  Parallel Sessions D and E1

Session D: Monitoring and Analytical Techniques


Chairs:          Andrew Ernest, Ian MacNeill

15:40-16:00   Representative Soil Water Benchmarking for Environmental Monitoring. Lindsay K. Tallon, Bing Cheng Si. 03-150.

16:00-16:20   Adjustment for Reporting Delay of Infections and Estimation of the Size of the Infected Population. Ian B. MacNeill, Elena Naumova. 04-115.

16:20-16:40   On Maximum Likelihood Inference in the First Order Autoregressive Processes. John Haddad. 04-192.

16:40-17:00   A Surveillance System for Waterborne Infections. Elena N. Naumova, Ian B. MacNeill. 04-116.

17:00-17:20   Atrazne Contamination in a Rural Source Water Supply: Spa Lake, Lewisburg, Kentucky. Kathryn J. Seadler, Christopher G. Groves. 04-101.

17:20-17:40   Laboratory Measurement Uncertainty. Robert Lessard, Chris Swyngedouw, Monique Chapman, Jodi Johnston, Stacey Kubic, Sara Montgomery, Carol Nam, Michelle Seveck. 04-054.


Session E1: Artificial Intelligence and Expert Systems


Chairs:          Anthony Duben, Daryl Hepting

15:40-16:00   Case Study of Expert System for Emergency Response of Toxic Gases Release and Chemical Fire. Te-Hui Yeh. 04-034.

16:00-16:20   Decision Support for Personal Life Cycle Impact Analysis. Daryl Hepting, Melissa Buhler. 04-106.

16:20-16:40   Complex Organization and Bifurcation within Environmental Bounds (COBWEB): An Agent-based Approach to Simulating Adaptation. Brad Bass, Emily Chan. 04-178.

16:40-17:00   Benchmark Test of Evolutionary Computation Algorithms. Bongseog Jung, Bryan W. Karney. 04-136.

17:00-17:20   Integrating Domain Knowledge and Machine Learning Theoretic-Methods for Modelling Complex Environmental Systems: Methodology and Rationales. A. A. Guergachi. 03-039.

17:20:17:40   Real-Time Temperature Detecting and Emergency Response System Using Infrared Thermography. Jan-Wei Liu, Kuo-Chao Lin, Fu-Sung Wang. 04-022.

17:40:18:00   An Agent-Based Approach to Infrared Images Management. Avain Yeh. 04-095.


18:00 – 19:00 Cash Bar (Room: UMBRIA)

19:00 – 19:45 Keynote speech: A New Approach for Spatial Multi-Objective Decision Making under Uncertainty.

Slobodan P. Simonovic, Professor and Research Chair in Catastrophic Loss Reduction.

(Room: UMBRIA. Cash bar closed during the speech)


19:45 – 21:45 Banquet & Cash Bar (Room: UMBRIA)


August 27, 2004 (Friday)

08:00 - 12:00  Registration

08:00 - 10:00  Parallel Sessions E2 and F

Session E2: Artificial Intelligence and Expert Systems


Chairs:          Daryl Caswell, Liming Dai

08:00-08:20   Establishing An Optimization Model for Sewerage System Layout with Applied Genetic Algorithm. Huahn-Tyng Weng, Shu-Liang Liaw. 04-032.

08:20-08:40   An Analysis of Artificial Neural Networks versus Curve Estimation Techniques in Predicting Petroleum Production. Hanh H. Nguyen, Christine W. Chan, Malcolm Wilson. 03-038.

08:40-09:00   Analysis of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (Pahs) in Water Samples by Synchronous Fluorescence Using Radial Basis Function Neural Network (RBFN). G. Zheng, W.H. Huang, X.H. Lu. 04-010.

09:00-09:20   A GA-based Approach for Dealing with Inexact Non-Linear Programming Problems in Water Quality Management. X. S. Qin. 04-200.

09:20-09:40   Comparison of Neural Networks and Classical Curve Fitting for Fuel Cells. Megan Lyster. 04-180.

09:40-10:00   A Diagnostic Expert System for Anaerobic Wastewater Treatment Plants. X.D. Zhang, C.W. Chan. 04-201.


Session F: Process Simulation, Optimization and Control


Chairs:          Andrew Ernest, Brad Bass

08:00-08:20   Estimation of Censored Data Water Quality Values Using Decomposable Markov Networks. Zoe Zhu, E. A. McBean. 04-189.

08:20-08:40   Biostimulation Method in Shoreline Clean-Up – An Approach of Coastal Environment Management in Response to Oil-Spill Hazard – Case Study Ganh Rai Gulf- Viet Nam. Huynh thi Minh Hang, Do Hong Lan Chi, Bui Trong Vinh. 04-072

08:40-09:00   Short Term Prediction in Nitrogen Removal Processes Using Least Squares Support Vector Machine with NARX Model. Yinghui Yang, Aziz Guergachi, Gul Khan. 04-138

09:00-09:20   Comparison of Dissolved and Acid-Extractable Metal Concentrations in Ground Water, Eastern Arkansas, USA. Burmshik Kim, Kenneth F. Steele, Todd Fugitt. 04-098

09:20-09:40   The Evaluation of the Feasibility of Utilizing Incineration Bottom Ash as Sub Base Course Material. Hui-Lan Chang, Wen-Chen Jau, Cheng-Fang Lin, Kung-Cheh Li. 04-044

09:40-10:00  Experimental and Analytical Simulation of Heavy Metal Migration in Saturated Soil Media. L. Liu, A. K. Kammari. 04-198.


10:00 - 10:20 Refreshment Break


10:20 - 12:00 Parallel Sessions: G1 and H1
Session G1: Applications of Geomatic Technologies


Chairs:    Xinhao Wang, David Chen

10:20-10:40   Spatial Wastewater Biosolids Information Management System: A GIS Approach. Jianpeng (Jim) Zhou, Shunfu Hu, Amit Bhusal, Fred Jones. 04-004.

10:40-11:00   Web-GIS Based Information Promulgation System of Water Resources Social Renewability Evaluation for Main Cities in the Yellow River Basin. Weihua Zeng, Yongjun Zhang, Jie Zhu, Zhifeng Yang. 04-133.

11:00-11:20   Assessment for Role of GIS Based Natural Disaster Database, in Environmental Management and Planning of Bangladesh. Motaleb Hossain Sarker, Sara Ferdousi. 04-030.

11:20-11:40   Geoinformatics in Environment Monitoring and Land-Use Planning for the Wetland - Case Study of Cangio - Hochiminh City - South Vietnam. Huynh thi Minh Hang, Nguyen Hoang Anh. 04-073.

11:40-12:00   Using GIS to Link Ecological Databases with Blackfoot Environmental Knowledge. Paulette M. Fox. 04-153.


Session H1: Mathematical Methods for Systems Modeling and Optimization


Chairs:    Christine Chan, John Haddad

10:20-10:40   A Fuzzy Inference System Approach for Greenhouse Climate Control. Anantharaman Siriaman, Rene V. Mayorga. 04-191.

10:40-11:00   Applying Regression and Cost Analyses to Optimize Semiconductor Processing Water Management Strategy. Li-Ling Lee, Cheng-Nan Chang, and Allen C. Chao. 04-042.

11:00-11:20   Characteristics and Calculating Methods for Ecological Flows in Estuaries. Tao Sun, Zhi-Feng Yang. 04-140.

11:20-11:40   On the Use of the HYSPLIT Model to Study Air Quality in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. Angelos Anastassopoulos, Son T Nguyen, Xiaohong Xu. 04-039.

11:40-12:00   A Three-dimension Multi-box Model for Air Quality Prediction. S. Y. Cheng, R. X. Hao, L. Liu, Z. H. Ren. 04-185.


12:00 - 13:20  Luncheon (Room: TUSCANY)


13:20 - 15:20  Parallel Sessions G2 and H2


Session G2: Applications of Geomatic Technologies


Chairs:          Jonathan Li, Shunfu Hu

13:20-13:40   Digital Terrain Analysis for Spatial Variability of Forest Soil and Litter Properties in a Deciduous Forest Stand in Southern Ontario. W. K. E. Martin, R. Timmer. 04-150.

13:40-14:00  Assessing the Environmental Impact of Lead Contamination on Agricultural Crop in Upper Maeklong Watershed, Thailand Using Geographic Information System. S. Adsavakulchai, W. Simachaya. 04-063.

14:00-14:20   Traffic-related Air Quality Analysis and Visualization. Xinhao Wang, J. Shi, Hexiang Huang. 04-009.

14:20-14:40   Modern Airborn Imaging and Scanning Technologies for Topographic Data Acquisition. Jonathan Li. 0.

14:40-15:00   The Effect of Spatial Autocorrelation on the Sampling Design in Accuracy Assessment: A Case Study by Using Simulated Data. Hui Wei, Dongmei Chen. 04-162.

15:00-15:20   Water Quality Assessment Using Web Based GIS and Distributed Database Management Systems: Concept Development and Application to Lower Rio Grande. Chockalingam Ganapathy, Andrew Ernest. 04-164.


Session H2: Mathematical Methods for Systems Modeling and Optimization


Chairs:          Cheng-Nan Chang, Iris Xu

13:20-13:40  MILP Model for Compressor Selection in Natural Gas Pipeline Operations. V. Uraikul, C. W. Chan, P. Tontiwachwuthikul. 03-082.

13:40-14:00   The Enumeration Algorithm for the Optimal Planning and Design of Pipe Network Systems. Bi-Liang Lin, Hong-Min Shau, Wen-Chi Huang, Ray-Shyan Wu, Shu-Liang Liaw. 04-094.

14:00-14:20   Uncertainty-based Health Risk Assessment for the Management of Petroleum-Contaminated Sites. J. B. Li,G. M. Zeng, Y. F. Huang. 04-125.

14:20-14:40   On the Application of Statistics Parameter Estimation to Find Oil Pipeline Leakage Using a Distributed Fiber Sensor. Ningyu Liu, Raman Paranjape, Elmer Hara, Koorosh Asghari. 04-156.

14:40-15:00   An IMILSIP Model for Dynamic Optimal Allocation of Municipal Solid Wastes. L. He, G. M. Zeng. 04-205.

15:00-15:20   Integrated Fuzzy-Stochastic Risk Assessment for Contaminated Groundwater Systems. I. Maqsood. 04-210.


15:20 - 15:40  Refreshment Break


15:40 - 18:00  Parallel Sessions I and J

Session I: Energy and Environmental Systems Studies


Chairs:          Xinhao Wang, Lei Liu

15:40-16:00   Drought and Ecosystem Vulnerability under Climate Change in the Great Prairies of Canada. B. Luo, Y.Y. Yin, and H. L. Li. 04-204.

16:00-16:20   Technologies for Content Representation in Flood Risk Management. Charlotte Kaempf, Siegfried Handschuh, Juergen Ihringer. 04-107.

16:20-16:40   Ecological Environment Change & Flood and Sedimentation Disaster in Yangtze River Basin. Yitian Li. 04-110.

16:40-17:00   Pesticide Losses and Risk Assessment in Watershed Systems under Changing Climate Conditions. B. Chen, B.Y. Zhang. 04-211.

17:00-17:20   An Optimization Model for Energy Planning and Environmental Management in Waterloo-Kitchener Region, Canada. Q.G. Lin, B. Bass, Y.P. Cai. 04-208.

17:20-17:40   A Fuzzy Logic Controller for Oil Battery. R.F. Liao, C. W. Chan. 04-206.


Session J: Environmental Process Modeling and Optimization


Chairs:          S.Y. Cheng, Jason Li

15:40-16:00   A Hybrid Accelerated Genetic Algorithm for Systems Optimization. Xiaohua Yang, Zhifeng Yang, Zhenyao Shen. 04-111.

16:00-16:20  Integrated Fuzzy-stochastic Modeling for the Risk Assessment of Groundwater Contamination. J. B. Li. 04-196.

16:20-16:40   Monitoring Network Design for a Petroleum-Contaminated Site in Southern Saskatchewan. I. Maqsood. 04-209.

16:40-17:00   Enhanced Bioremediation of Petroleum Contaminated Soil – A Study in Cantuar Site, Canada. B. Y. Zhang. 04-207.

17:00-17:20   Influence of Humic Substance in Solids on the Monitoring of Oxygen-Consuming Organics of the Yellow River. Xinghui Xia, Zhifeng Yang, Lihong Meng. 04-129.

17:20-17:40   A Hybrid Simulation-optimization Approach for Management of Surfactant Enhanced Remediation Process. Y. F. Huang. 04-215.