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ISSN 1811-0231 / ISEIS Publication Series Number P002

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Volume 4 (2006) = complimentary



Andrew Ernest, Western Kentucky University, USA



Editorial advisory board

Ni-Bin Chang, University of Central Florida, USA

Gordon Huang, University of Regina, Canada

Trey Lyon, Spatial Data Integrations, Inc., USA

Demetrio Zourarakis, Commonwealth of Kentucky, USA

Jonathan Li, Ryerson University, Canada

James Y. Li, Ryerson University, Canada

Shoou Yuh Chang, North Carolina A&T State University, USA

Jennifer Taylor, Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University, USA

Scott Yeomans, York University, Canada

Anthony J. Duben, Stephen F. Austin State University, USA

Dr.-Eng. Kostas Karatzas, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece

Yavuz Günalay, Bilkent University, Turkey

Simon Jones, RMIT University,Australia

Amund Tveit, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway


Chapter 1 - Environmental and ecological modeling and assessment

Chapter 2 - Environmental, ecological and resources planning and management

Chapter 3 - Simulation, optimization and control of waste treatment and pollution reduction processes

Chapter 4 - Environmental geomatics -- GIS, RS and other spatial information technologies

Chapter 5 - Monitoring and analytical techniques of environmental quality

Chapter 6 - Sustainability, higher education, and environmental economics


Chapter 1


The Structure and Host Plant Selection of an Acridid Community on the Edge Between a Desert and an Agro-Ecosystem in Egypt

M. M. El Shazly and W. M. El Sayed Shahpa

Pages 1-25 Abstract | Full Text (PDF)



Study of Exchangeable Nitrogen and Their Bioavailability in the Sediments

A. Zheng, H. Shen and D. Chen

Pages 26-34 Abstract | Full Text (PDF)



Application of Streeter-and Phelps Equation to the Aquatic Environment Management-A Case Study Based on Water Quality Monitoring Data of Keelung River, Taiwan

C. Fan and W. S. Wang

Pages 35-49 Abstract | Full Text (PDF)



Stability prediction of the xanthate-stabilized Zn(OH)2 and Cu(OH)2 sludge in simulated landfill environment

T. S. Su, Y. K. Chang, J. E. Chang, M. S. Ko and Y. H. Chen

Pages 50-55 Abstract | Full Text (PDF)



Nonlinear Dynamics Detection in Ecological Systems

J. H. Dontje

Pages 56-66 Abstract | Full Text (PDF)



Wind potential assessment of Fu-jian Province in China

J. Liu, H. X. Liu and Y. N. Jiang

Pages 67-75 Abstract | Full Text (PDF)



Study on the Inverse Method to Permeability Coefficient of Groundwater System: A Case Study of Uranium Gangue Site in Southern China

S. B. Xie, Y. Hu, M. Jiang and Q. Liu

Pages 76-81 Abstract | Full Text (PDF)



Environmental Risk Assessment for Groundwater Contamination through Integrated Fuzzy Techniques

X. S. Qin, G. H. Huang and B. Chen

Pages 82-87 Abstract | Full Text (PDF)



Analysis of Dredging Engineering Impact on Flood Level and Flux of the Dongting Lake

G. H. Huang, H. W. Lu, G. M. Zeng, S. F. Zhang and L. Z. Duan

Pages 88-92 Abstract | Full Text (PDF)



PeSM: A One-Dimensional Finite-Difference Model for Simulating Pesticide Subsurface Leaching Process

B. Chen, X. S. Qin and B. Y. Zhang

Pages 93-103 Abstract | Full Text (PDF)




Chapter 2


Improving Conventional Subdivision Design by Incorporating Runoff Impact in Land Development Decisions

K. K. Avadhanula, C. Pal, X. H. Wang, J. Bonta, S. Buchberger and W. Shuster

Pages 104-115 Abstract | Full Text (PDF)



Requirements for Sustainable Management of Urban Water Systems

S. P. Li, S. Q. Liu, B. Chocat and S. Barraud

Pages 116-128 Abstract | Full Text (PDF)



An Interval-Fuzzy Two-Stage Stochastic Linear Programming Method for Municipal Solid Waste Management under Uncertainty

Y. P. Li and G. H. Huang

Pages 129-154 Abstract | Full Text (PDF)



Applications of Simulation-Optimization Methods in Environmental Policy Planning under Uncertainty

J. S. Yeomans

Pages 167-185 Abstract | Full Text (PDF)




Chapter 3


Exploring the Variability in Pollutant Concentrations using BASINS-HSPF and Probabilistic Modeling: Implications for Land Use Planning

D. M. Boneva and X. Wang

Pages 186-208 Abstract | Full Text (PDF)



Pollution of the Caspian Sea Marine Environment Along the Iranian Coast

A. Parizanganeh, V. C. Lakhan and S. R. Ahmad

Pages 209-217 Abstract | Full Text (PDF)



Application of Super-paramagnetic Composite Particles Technology for the Reclamation of Heavy Metal from Wastewater

Y. F. Chen, C. Y. Tsai, C. C. Chou and F. R. Yang

Pages 218-224 Abstract | Full Text (PDF)



Temporal variation of sulphide content, pH, salinity and oxidation-reduction potential of tidal flat mud in the Ariake Sea, Japan

M. A. Moqsud, S.Hayashi, Y. J. Du and D. Suetsugu

Pages 225-232 Abstract | Full Text (PDF)



The strategy to optimize the water recycle in LCD plants

C. W. Hsu, C. Y. Tsai, C. N. Chang and A. C. Chao

Pages 233-243 Abstract | Full Text (PDF)



Emission Factors Development for the Control of Lead and other Metals during Bridge Paint Removal

E. A. Iyiegbuniwe, L. M. Conroy and P. Scheff

Pages 244-261 Abstract | Full Text (PDF)



Biosorption of Chromium from Aqueous Solution

H. N. Catherine and B. Volesky

Pages 262-272 Abstract | Full Text (PDF)



Reduction in Trihalomethane Formation Potential through Air Oxidation

R. S. Pirkle, J. D. Jack and P. A. Bukaveckas

Pages 273-279 Abstract | Full Text (PDF)




Chapter 4


Evaluation of the International Vehicle Emission (IVE) Model with On-Road Remote Sensing Measurements

H. Guo, Q. Y. Zhang, S. Yao, W. G. Xu and D. H. Wang

Pages 280-288 Abstract | Full Text (PDF)



GIS-based Hierarchy Process for the Suitability Analysis of Nuclear Waste Disposal Site

L. X. Huang, G. Sheng and L. Wang

Pages 289-296 Abstract | Full Text (PDF)



A Sample Acquisition Concept for Element Detection in Coal-fired Power Plant Emissions via Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy

W. Collett, L. Kirby, B. Hesson, J. Kondracki, M. Martin and S. Mahajan

Pages 297-303 Abstract | Full Text (PDF)



Trends of Petrol Vehicle Fleet Emissions in Hangzhou, China by Remote Sensing

H. Guo, Q. Y. Zhang, W. G. Xu, Y. Shi and D. H. Wang

Pages 304-311 Abstract | Full Text (PDF)



Spectral Enhancement and Automated Extraction from Kentucky’s NAIP Imagery of Potential Sinkhole Features, Trigg County, Kentucky, USA--Initial Investigations

J. S. Dinger, D. P. Zourarakis and J. C. Currens

Pages 312-323 Abstract | Full Text (PDF)



Integration of Remote Sensing and Environmental Modeling for Pollution Prevention in Citrus Industry

N. B. Chang, Q. Du and R. S. Kanth

Pages 324-334 Abstract | Full Text (PDF)



Kentucky's On-Line Bi-Temporal Land Cover Change and Image Comparison Tool: the Kentucky Landscape Census Portal (Klc)

D. P. Zourarakis, A. Brenner, B. Noyle, M. Palmer, R. Singh, S. A. Bacharach and G. R. Harp

Pages 335-342 Abstract | Full Text (PDF)



Optimal Function Forms for Spatial Interpolation of Precipitation Data

R. Teegavarapu, M. Tufail and L. Ormsbee

Pages 343-353 Abstract | Full Text (PDF)



Mapping of Pollutant Concentrations by Combining Satellite-based and Ground -based Measurements in Ontario, Canada

J. Tian and D. M. Chen

Pages 354-360 Abstract | Full Text (PDF)



Temporal and Spatial Variability of Soil Nitrogen in Wulate and Yichang Irrigation District of Hetao Irrigation Area Inner Mongolia

P. Li, F. H. Hao and H. G. Cheng

Pages 361-369 Abstract | Full Text (PDF)



Image Segmentation for classification of land covers based on high spatial resolution sensor imagery

H. Lin, D. K. Mo, H. Sun and Y. J. Xiong

Pages 370-383 Abstract | Full Text (PDF)




Chapter 5


Tudy on Critical Point Threshold of Pollutant Emission Based on Modified Grey Clustering Model

W. G. Xu, Q. Y. Zhang, H. Guo and Y. M. Wei

Pages 384-394 Abstract | Full Text (PDF)



Development of a process-based indicator of land use management for urbanizing headwatersheds

G. Bennett, C. T. Nietch, X. Wang and L. Rossman

Pages 395-407 Abstract | Full Text (PDF)



Drought Induced Dissolved Oxygen Dynamics of an Effluent Dominated Stream Entering a Reservoir Backwater and Implications for Environmental Compliance

R. D. Taylor, K. L. Dickson and V. Golla

Pages 408-418 Abstract | Full Text (PDF)



The Three Gorges Project and Eco-Environmental Monitoring System

H. C. Dai, L. L. Wang and R. S. Wang

Pages 419-426 Abstract | Full Text (PDF)



Estimation of wind speed distribution at the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region of China and the disadvantages of Weibull function

Y. N. Jiang and J. Liu

Pages 427-446 Abstract | Full Text (PDF)




Chapter 6


Strong vs. Weak Sustainability: The Struggle for a Sustainable Campus

J. H. Dontje

Pages 447-452 Abstract | Full Text (PDF)



Integrating Sustainability in Apparel and Textiles Higher Education

J. Su

Pages 453-458 Abstract | Full Text (PDF)



Resources-Oriented Principle and Sustainability: Theory and Application in China

L. P. Zhang, W. Q. Chen, Q. H. Fang, P. E. Wang, H. S. Hong and F. Bristow

Pages 459-464 Abstract | Full Text (PDF)



Progress and Prospects for Environmental Education in Iran: A Loglinear Modeling Analysis

A. Parizanganeh, V. C. Lakhan, H. Jalalian and S. R. Ahmad

Pages 465-474 Abstract | Full Text (PDF)



External costs of electricity generation in China

S. Y. Ding, Q. Y. Zhang, W. G. Xu, H. Guo, S. L. Xiong and H. Jiang

Pages 475-482 Abstract | Full Text (PDF)



Evaluation of Nearshore Environmental Resources

J. Li and W. Q. Chen

Pages 483-489 Abstract | Full Text (PDF)



Estimation of Environmental Cost Incurred by Pesticide Application in Coastal Agricultural Region and Management Measures

W. Q. Chen, L. P. Zhang and X. F. Hou

Pages 490-501 Abstract | Full Text (PDF)



The Depletion of Marine Environmental Resources Caused by Human Activities and its Monetary Evaluation

X. Wang and W. Q. Chen

Pages 502-513 Abstract | Full Text (PDF)





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