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Download the Guidelines and sample paper

Download the Guidelines and sample paper


Environmental Informatics Archives

(Volume Series of ISEIS Conference Proceedings)




(Revised December 2002)

These guidelines apply to the preparation of papers for publication in the Environmental Informatics Archives. 

Please also refer to the sample paper for exact format requirements.


- Must be written in English. Authors should ensure that correct English is used throughout the manuscript. The conference committee does not rewrite papers when the English is not inadequate.

- In an appropriate length but no restricted maximum number of pages.

- Microsoft Word for Windows should be used for the electronic file production.

- The file name should include the paper number assigned by the ISEIS conference committee, and the last name of the first author. For example, a Word file for the paper with number 03-199 and first author John Smith could be named 03-199-Smith.doc.

Paper Structure

The paper should have a structure in following order:

- Paper Title

- Authors and affiliation

- Abstract (100 - 250 words)

- Keywords (5 - 8 words)

- Introduction

- Main text (methods, data, results and discussion, etc.)

- Conclusions

- Acknowledgements (optional)

- References

- Appendix (optional)

- Biographical sketch of maximum 150 words for each author (optional).


Key Points for Paper formatting

- Letter paper size (8.5 x 11 inch, or 21.6 x 27.9 cm) must be used.

- Use 1" (25.4mm) for all four side margins, 0" for [Gutter]; and 0.5"(12.7mm) for [header] and [Footer].

- Font type of Times New Roman is required.

- Justified alignment should be used for text.

- Centered alignment should be used for paper title, authors, affiliations, equations, tables and illustrations.

- Font size of 10 is used throughout the paper except for paper title, author’s affiliations, and footnotes.

- Use bold font and size 14 for paper title.

- Use font size 9 for author’s affiliation/address and footnotes.

- Leave one blank line above paper title.

- Leave two blank lines between keywords and the first major section.

- Leave one blank line above each major section

- Leave one blank line before and after each table and illustration.

- Use spacing 3 pt After (Single and 0 before) for each paragraph and heading in main text.

- The first letter of each paragraph starts at 0.13" (3.2mm) from the left.

- Use Spacing 0 pt Before and 0 pt After for References. The first line of each reference does not have any indentation, while the rest lines start at 0.13" from the left.

- Color illustrations can be accepted for publication on electronic versions of ISEIS proceedings. However, blank and white illustrations are preferred in regards to possible publication in the Journal of Environmental Informatics after further peer review.

- Tables and illustrations larger than page size will not be accepted.

- Please download the guidelines in Word format for samples and about authors/affiliations, headings and references.